Caffeine Comparisons

Vivarin Caffeine Comparisons

How Do Your Choices in Caffeine Stack Up?

Everyone knows that caffeine is simple solution to keep you going – morning, noon or night. The caffeine in Vivarin gives you a mental boost – just 200 mg of caffeine – with no hidden ingredients, no sugar and no calories.

See how other caffeine products compare to Vivarin:

Vivarin vs. Coffee

Same caffeine minus the stains, sugar crash & calories.


Sure there may be slightly more caffeine in coffee, but you can’t slip it in your pocket! Coffee can stain your teeth and leave you with bad breath. Kisses, anyone? You also may pay 24X as much for one coffee as one tablet of Vivarin.

Furthermore, if you don’t drink it black, you’re adding a lot of extra calories to your day. Most fancy coffee beverages are also high in calories. For instance, a 24-ounce, mocha, iced-blended, coffee drink with whipped cream can contain up to 500 calories. This accounts for about 25 percent of the average person’s daily caloric intake. And because beverages tend to be less filling than foods, you aren’t likely to eat fewer calories later in your day just because you had a calorie-rich beverage. Consuming too many calories can lead to weight gain and weight-related health problems. Lastly, your cup of coffee with cream and two sugars sets you up for a sugar crash, leaving you feeling drowsy later on.

vivarin caffeine comparisons

1 Vivarin

12 oz. Coffee

  • Ingredients:
  • 260 mg Caffeine
  • 0-25 g Sugar
  • 0-200 Calories
  • $3-6 per 12oz cup


About Caffeine Tablets

Caffeine tablets or caffeine pills, such as Vivarin, are a simple, safe, form of caffeine. The most common dosage is 200 milligrams. Caffeine pills can help you stay more alert and energized.

Typically, caffeine tablets contain one active ingredient: caffeine. They forgo the sugar and added herbs that products such as energy drinks and shots include. Caffeine pills are also one of the most economical and convenient ways to stay alert. They are also the most convenient. You can take them anywhere with you.